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Psychotherapy can be very effective in different situations, it can help you be more compassionate with yourself, get in touch with your needs and emotions, find strategies to regulate your emotions, help you understand your patterns, get more comfortable in your body and with your sexuality ect.

People come to my practice for different reasons, here are some examples:

  • I`m in a crisis and need support

  • I feel like old problems from my childhood and youth are troubling me

  • I would like to understand the history of my family and find out what shaped and burdened me

  • I would like to understand my behaviour

  • I would like to feel more at home in my body and with my sexuality

  • I wish to change certain things and would like help to find the first steps

  • I feel burdened by fear, sadness, anger and I would like to talk to someone

  • I feel burdened by a negative view on myself

  • I often feel far away from myself and wish to feel myself more

  • I often feel overwhelmed by everyday life

Make an appointment for a first session, send me a message or call me.

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