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Couples Therapy

Every relationsip is unique - whether you are straight, queer, non-monogamous, poly etc. - every form of relationship is welcome in my practice. I don`t believe in "one size fits all" solutions for couples - we`re going on a journey to find out what`s suitable and what feels good for you.

The reasons for couples therapy can be very diverse. Here are some of the reasons why couples come to my practice:

  • We find ourselves in the same conflict patterns over and over again and can`t resolve them

  • We want to feel more connected and at ease in our relationship

  • We have different wishes and needs we can`t harmonise

  • After an affair our relationship is shaken. It´s hard for us to rebuild trust

  • After the birth of our child our relationship changed fundamentally and we struggle with that

  • I want more intimacy / sex, but find it hard to discuss that with my partner

  • We want to find a way to have a fulfilling sex life in our long term relationship

  • We have different approaches to parenting

  • We fight over dishes, who picks up the kids and other similar things and don´t find good solutions

  • We want to break up and need help with that - we want/need to stay connected as parents or friends even after the end of our romantic relationship

Couples therapy can be very effective - couples often experience significant changes after only a few sessions.

Contact me to make an appointment, use the contact form below, email or call me.

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