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Important information regarding fees and time frame

If you have a private health insurance or a "Zusatzversicherung", the costs for Psychotherapy may be covered partially or fully. Please talk to your insurance company to find out. Couples counselling, family therapy and therapy in friendships is not covered by health insurances.

The advantage of paying for your sessions privately is that you can start therapy promtly and your health insurance won`t be notified. I charge 105 Euro for 60 Minutes and 130 Euro for 90 Minutes.

It`s important for me to make sure you can get a first impression and figure out if you feel comfortable working with me. Therefore I offer the first session at a reduced price of 80 Euros for 60 Minutes. If you are more than two people, the first session is 90 Minutes for 110 Euros.

I usually offer 90 minute sessions for couples and other settings with more than one person. With individuals I usually do 60 to 90 minute sessions, we can discuss what`s best suited for your process. We also discuss how often we see each other, it usually ranges between once a week and every 4-6 weeks. I offer face-to-face appointments in my practice and video appointments through the platform, which is confidential and you don`t have to register for it.

If you can`t make it to a scheduled appointment, please cancel at least 48 hours ahead. Please understand that I have to charge you for the session if you don`t cancel it in time.

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