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Therapy in Family and Friendships

Whether you want to work on issues concerning your family of origin, your nuclear family, your blended familiy or your chosen family - family therapy can create a space to talk about your concerns, wishes and hopes.

Families living together have a lot to juggle - everybodys needs, roles and temperaments - and different phases in life. The loss of an important person, chronic illness, mental illness or other difficult circumstances can lead to an imbalance that`s hard to fix without help. I usually work with families with children aged 5 - 12 and teenagers. If younger children are involved, I primarily work with the parents.

Maybe you struggle with issues regarding your family of origin. Family therapy can offer a safe space to talk to siblings, parents and other family members. I support you to understand each other on a differnet level.

For many people, friendships are the most important relationships in their lives. Especially if you share a home, the responsability for children or a workplace, conflict may feel overwhelming and therapy can help sort out different needs, vulnerabilities and boundries.

Please use the contact form below, e-mail me or call me to make an appointment.

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