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About me & my work

After studying Social Work, I`ve worked in the field of counseling and therapy for more than 10 years. I`ve completed a 3 1/2 year training as a Systemic Therapist. In 2022 I`ve followed my dream and started my private practice in Berlin.

Born and raised in Switzerland, I`ve been living in Berlin with my family since 2014.

I have great respect for everybody who comes to my practice and faces their challenges.

I like guiding you towards a more loving image of yourself and more self compassion. We`re all shaped by our experiences and have different strategies and patterns facing everyday challenges. It can be helpful to understand and acknowledge why we act and feel the way we do.

We`re also shaped by social structures, roles and expectations. As systemic therapist I see your story and your problems in the context of society. Gender roles, categories such as race and class shape our experiences and challenges and are therefore important to consider.

It`s important for me to work based on your personal goals and preferences to find your way towards more connection, ease, or what you are looking to change. I`m happy to work with you, listen to your story, help you get new insights and perspectives.

People of all genders, sexual orientations, cultural or religious backgrounds are welcome in my practice. Different lifestyles, family or relationship models - I consider them as equal and want to help you with what`s suitable and feels good for you.

To ensure the quality of my work, I regularly engage in supervision and intervision and keep educating myself.

To get to know me and my work, contact me for a first session via contact form, phone or e-mail.



  • Systemic Therapist, Systemic Counselor (SG)

  • "Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie" - Permit from the public health department of Tempelhof-Schöneberg, Berlin to work with people with mental illness

  • M.A. in Social Work - Social Work as a Human Rights Profession

  • B.A. in Social Work

Latest qualification:

  • Trauma and Sexuality with Dr. med. Melanie Büttner and Karin Paschinger (2022)

  • Emotionfocussed Therapy with Jeannette Meißner (2021)

  • Coaching for Individuals, Groups and Managment with Kerstin Friedrich-Hohberg (2021)

  • Systemic Sexual Therapy with Mag. Sandra Gathmann (2020)

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